The mission of the Fire Department is to provide progressive emergency services that include effective educational programs, efficient inspection services, and safe and prompt response to emergencies in a courteous and professional manner.

Lincolnwood is the only municipality in the State of Illinois that hires a private company for both fire and paramedic services. In June 1977, Paramedic Services of Illinois (PSI) started a Paramedic contract with the Village of Lincolnwood, providing their first ambulance with six paramedics for 24-hour coverage. In December 1989, the Village expanded its contract with PSI to provide firefighting services. In addition to firefighting and paramedic services, the Department offers public education programs and fire inspection services to businesses and high-rise condominiums.

The Fire Department is staffed with 28 full-time employees from PSI and two full-time employees from the Village, the Fire Chief and an Account Clerk. The Account Clerk is a full-time Village employee who works for both the Fire Department and Community Development Department. 

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