In these pages, you will find a wealth of interesting data about the people of Lincolnwood as well as information about the character of housing and the economy of this fine community. The purpose of this Community Profile is to provide a basic but detailed statistical sourcebook of useful data about Lincolnwood.

You will find that the information herein contains a great number of statistics which taken together only points to the unmistakable fact that Lincolnwood is a great place to live and do business, where the quality of life is still reachable, where people of diverse backgrounds come together and are achieving the American Dream, and where businesses flourish in an environment of responsive government and low taxes. But this sourcebook only tells part of the Lincolnwood story.

What you will not find inside these pages are the countless stories of neighbors helping neighbors, of residents volunteering their energy for community activities, of the dynamic business areas of the Village, or the solitude one finds on the quiet, tree-lined streets and backyards that dot the Village. Nor will you sense the small-town charm and big-city atmosphere of this vibrant community where more than 12,000 people come to work each day.

Lincolnwood offers much in a close in-town location within 10 miles of both O'Hare Airport and Downtown Chicago.

Lincolnwood Community Reports