Village Profile

The Village of Lincolnwood is an ethnically diverse and balanced 2.69 square mile suburb of Chicago. The Village has a strong base of residential, commercial, and light manufacturing properties. The Village is a business-friendly community that has several ongoing development opportunities.

Lincolnwood is governed as a home rule community under Illinois law and operates under the Village Board form of government with a full-time Manager. Under home rule powers, the Village is permitted to carry out its own governing procedures except where it is specifically prohibited by the State legislature. The President, with concurrence from the Board, appoints the Village Manager. The Village Manager is the chief administrative officer who oversees the day-to-day operations of the Village. The Village currently has 87 full-time employees and 6 part-time employees who work in the seven departments that combine to form the Village government. Each of these departments is coordinated by a Department Director who reports directly to the Village Manager. The Village contracts for its fire protection services through Paramedic Services of Illinois.