Restaurant Inspection Reports

Every year the Village inspects its restaurants and food establishments in order to ensure food is prepared in sanitary conditions and using sanitary methods. The Village contracts with the Village of Glenview to perform health inspections on each food establishment two times per year. At the end of the inspection, the Health Inspector develops a report, based on objective criteria, which is provided to the owner of the establishment and archived at Village Hall. The report totals the number of violations made. The total weighted number of violations is subtracted from 100 for a rating score. The following is the Village's scoring system and the result of the score:

  • 100 to 80 points = Inspection passed; continue operations
  • 79 to 61 = Inspection failed; re-inspection required within two weeks
  • 60 or less = Inspection failed; Immediate closure of food establishment

Access the database inspection reports for food establishments in the Village. For questions, contact the Village Manager's Office at 847-745-4717.