Street Storage Program

Project Details

Location: Map (PDF)

Estimated Start of Construction: Summer 2023

Estimated Completion of Construction: Fall 2023

Project Description: Since 2007, Village staff has managed a program to produce a comprehensive Stormwater Management Plan (SMP), with the goal of developing an engineering recommendation for the Village’s stormwater system to protect basements from back-ups for storms up to the 10-year level of severity. The Village’s Ad Hoc Sewer Committee has recommended that the Village move forward with implementing on-street surface storage utilizing submerged restrictors and on-street berms. 

The street storage program is intended to detain water within the public right-of-way, including the street, and in some locations, the parkway. In addition, the project will include the installation of submerged restrictors within the catch basins to limit the flow of water into the existing sewer system, thereby reducing the possibility of basement backups. The system is designed to have the streets cleared of stormwater within two hours after the completion of a rain event that is identified as a 10-year level of severity. During lower intensity storms the streets would be clear in less than two hours.

The program is being completed in three stages with the third stage currently underway. Stages I and II targeted areas of the Village east of Lincoln Avenue, while Stage III encompasses areas of the Village west of Lincoln Avenue. The map linked above illustrates the locations of berms to be installed in Stage III.

Estimated Construction Cost: $3,369,094.25