Why is my street always the last to be plowed?

There are many miles of streets within the Village. Typically, the large snowplow on each route will concentrate on the major streets within each particular subdivision. Once the collector streets have been plowed, the large truck will move to the secondary streets within each subdivision. Public Works keeps route layouts logical and efficient to save fuel and salt.

Typically, dead end streets are easiest to clear and take about 10 minutes each to complete. Cul-de-sacs with the center islands take approximately 20 minutes to be cleared. Finally, cul-de-sacs that do not have islands in the center are the most time consuming, usually taking approximately 30 minutes to plow. Another factor that affects the plow's arrival in your specific area has to do with equipment failures or breakdowns. If a truck is out of service for any period of time, it adversely affects snow removal within your area.

Public Works makes every effort to reduce the potential for breakdowns; however, breakdowns still occur. It should take each truck approximately four to five hours to pass through their entire route once. If the snow is a heavy, sustained storm, the truck may have to make many passes in an effort to keep roads passable.

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