Pending Zoning Applications

View listings, by the scheduled Public Hearing date, for zoning relief applications that are pending consideration by the Village. View additional information and the nature of the zoning relief requested. Public comment is invited at the Public Hearing. Documents related to each application may be inspected during business hours in the Community Development Department. The Village has also developed a story map that graphically shows significant developments in the community that is being reviewed or have been approved.

Anyone who does not desire, or who is not able, to be physically present at Village Hall can watch the either the Zoning Board of Appeals or the Plan Commission meeting live by visiting the Village website or by clicking

Those wishing to submit public comments in writing may do so by emailing comments to prior to the commencement of the meeting. Emails received will be provided to the  either the Zoning Board of Appeals or the Plan Commission in advance of the meeting, or read aloud during the appropriate Public Comment period for each matter on the agenda. We ask that you keep your emailed comments to under 200 words to allow time for others to be heard and for the Commission to progress through the public meeting agenda. Thank you for your understanding of these guidelines.

Case #PC-10-22:   Zoning Code Text Amendment – Permissibility of Certain Use in Various Zoning Districts Throughout the Village

05/10/2023 Plan Commission meeting

Referral by the Village Board to consider potential Zoning Code Text Amendments related to the permissibility of certain uses in various Zoning Districts throughout the Village, including the B-1, B-2, B-3, O, and M-B districts. Discussion during this hearing may relate to Table 4.01.1 Permitted and Special Uses in All Zoning Districts, Section 2.02 Definitions, and Sections 4.07, 4.08, and 4.09, which pertain to standards and regulations related to uses in those zoning districts. During this Hearing, the Plan Commission may consider any additional Text Amendments related to this case.

Case #PC-04-23: 6731-35 North Lincoln Avenue – Final Plat of Consolidation and Subdivision Variation

05/10/2023 Plan Commission meeting

Consideration of a request by Esad Hoxha, property owner, to approve: 1) a Final Plat of Consolidation that would result in four existing parcels being consolidated into one parcel; and 2) Subdivision Variations from Section 16-5-2(B) of the Subdivision Ordinance to permit a lot with more than four sides, and Section 16- 5-2(D)(2) to allow the consolidation of more than two parcels. The Plan Commission may also consider any additional relief that may be discovered during the review of this case

Case #PC-06-23:   #PC-06-23:    Planned Unit Development Amendment, Special Use, and Zoning Modifications for a Proposed Development at 6995 North Central Park Avenue

05/10/2023 Plan Commission meeting 

Consideration of a request by Faruk Daudbasic, a representative of BECCA, on behalf of Dora LLC, property owner related to the following: 1) Amendment to Ordinance No. 1988-1081, which established the Town Center Planned Unit Development, and its subsequent amendments to permit a religious institution at the property commonly known as 6995 North Central Park Avenue; 2) Special Use as per Section 7.06(5) of the Zoning Ordinance to allow open-air parking in the front yard; and 3) relief in the form of Zoning Modifications to permit a) a reduction in the rear yard setback along the east lot line from ten feet to six feet, one-half inch; b) a reduction in the minimum percentage of qualifying “high quality” materials for the design of one or more of the building elevations; c) a reduction in the required depth of a loading space from 55 feet to approximately 16 feet; d) a reduction in the total amount of required off-street parking from 425 spaces to 103 spaces, and; e) a reduction in the required width of parking lot landscape screening from eight feet to six feet, six inches along the north and south lot lines. The Plan Commission may also consider any additional relief that may be discovered during the review of this case.