Office of the Mayor

Mayor Jesal Patel became Mayor (also referred to as Village President) in Spring of 2021 and is serving a four-year term. In Lincolnwood, the Mayor serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and works closely with the Village Manager to discuss Village matters and other duties related to the position as the chief elected officer of the Village. 

Madeleine Grant Award

Madeleine Grant served the Village of Lincolnwood in a number of capacities including as a member of several committees, Library Board President, and as its Mayor for nearly 8 years. She was a strong believer in volunteerism as a source of strength to a community’s vibrancy.  The Village of Lincolnwood is proud to present this recognition annually in her memory to a resident(s) who meet(s) the qualifications. The recognition for the Madeleine Grant Lincolnwood Volunteer of the Year will be presented at the Board of Trustees meeting later this summer. Applications MUST be submitted to the Mayor’s Office by Tuesday, May 31. Please print or type all the information on the form that can be found by clicking here. Any questions may be directed to the Mayor’s Office (847) 745-4717.

Rescue Rangers

The Village is seeking volunteers for the Rescue Rangers program. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and provide help for those in need. The Rescue Rangers program is a resource for senior and disabled residents who lack the physical or financial ability to complete daily tasks such as shoveling snow, walking pets, or bringing out and returning garbage bins. Rescue Rangers is intended for local middle and high school students who have signed up to earn approximately $10 per hour (the exact amount is negotiated between the resident and student).

If you are a local student interested in becoming a Rescue Ranger or if you are interested in hiring a Rescue Ranger, email or call 847-745-4717. You can also click here to register online.

Liquor Licenses

The Village has a number of liquor licenses, which are all filled. Licenses are issued on a case-by-case basis. If anyone is interested in obtaining a liquor license, please submit your request in writing to the Village President, including the type of business, address, hours of operation, and types of alcohol that you desire to sell or serve. Please call (847) 745-4717 with any questions.


Jesal's dedication to public service in Lincolnwood began in 2005 with his appointment to the Sign Appearance Review Board. He was first elected as Trustee in 2007 and had served the Village continuously in that role until 2021 when he was elected as Village President. During his tenure as a Trustee, Jesal served as Village Board Liaison to all of Lincolnwood's Boards and Commissions. He has a comprehensive historical knowledge of our operations. Jesal was raised and educated in Lincolnwood and is a graduate of Loyola Academy and Indiana University. Jesal is a licensed Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker and owner of Patel Realty located here in Lincolnwood. Jesal is married and has three children. He has a passion for running and can often be seen running the streets of Lincolnwood.