Roadway Resurfacing Program 

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Estimated Start of Construction:  May of 2024

Estimated Completion of Construction: December of 2024

Project Description: The project consists of new water main installation, lead service replacements, pavement removal and resurfacing, pavement patching, curb removal and replacement, combined sewer removal and replacement, some sidewalk removal and replacement and sodding of impacted parkways. 

Lead Service Line Replacement:  In 2021, the Lead Service Line Replacement and Notification Act (415 ILCS 5/17.12) was passed by Governor Pritzker and put into effect in 2022. As part of the Act, the Village is required to replace all known lead service lines by 2042. As part of the 10-Year Infrastructure Plan, the Village will be replacing any lead service lines that are on the resurfacing plan each year. The lead service line replacement will be at no cost to the homeowner, including interior restoration.

The lead service line will be replaced with a 1” diameter, Type K copper service line from the water main to the connection inside the house in accordance with IEPA standards. The lead service line replacement includes the installation of a Buffalo Box (B-Box) in the parkway and the relocation of the water meter from the parkway to the interior of the house. A B-Box is installed in the parkway for easier water shut off. 

Baxter & Woodman and ME Simpson have been hired to provide construction oversight during the lead service line replacement construction process. This includes identification of unknown service lines and documentation of the existing water service connection inside the house prior to construction. These images will be provided to the contractor as part of the bid package. Baxter & Woodman will coordinate with each resident to schedule a date during the construction process for the lead service line replacement. Homeowners are required to be home during the construction process or may elect to have a representative home for entry. Baxter & Woodman will coordinate a date a few weeks later for the interior restoration to occur once the new copper service line has been installed.

If you are unsure if you have a lead service line, please take the water service survey.

2024 Infrastructure & Lead Service Line Replacement Overview

2024 Infrastructure & Lead Service Line Replacement Brochure