Roadway Resurfacing Program

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Start of Construction: Summer 2023

Estimated Completion of Construction: Spring 2023

Project Description: The contractor will grind the surface layer of asphalt on each street and replace it with a new asphalt surface course. In addition, the contractor will be performing spot curb and sidewalk replacement, removing unused alley aprons and bringing pedestrian crosswalks and corners into compliance with requirements set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Estimated Construction Cost: $3,364,000

Funding Source: General Obligation Bond

December 2022 Project Update: The start of the project was delayed from Spring 2022 to Summer 2022 due to issues related to material acquisition and the supply chain. Therefore, all work could not be completed prior to the end of 2022. Unfinished portions of the project have been winterized and will be completed in Spring 2023. The following work remains: 

  • The following streets have been paved and are substantially complete. The remaining work includes striping and landscaping.
    • St. Louis, Estes, Tripp, Lowell and Kostner Avenues
  • The following streets had curbs and sidewalks replaced. The remaining work includes paving, striping, and landscaping.
    • West Lunt, Knox, and Morse Avenues
  • The following streets have yet to have work done.
    • East Lunt, Kilbourn, and Fitch Avenues