Small Wireless Facility

Since 2018, the State of Illinois has allowed for the construction of small wireless facilities (SWF) in the public right-of-way.  These SWF are no larger than three cubic feet in size and are attached to utility poles or light poles.  In many locations within Lincolnwood, the public right-of-way extends 33 feet from the center lane of the roadway towards a resident’s home, and can go beyond the sidewalk.  The Village adopted regulations related to SWF in line with State Law and has been reviewing applications that have been received. State law significantly restricts the Village’s ability to deny applications for the installation of SWF within public rights-of-way.

The purpose of SWFs are an initiative by private sector companies to provide for gaps in coverage in communities and to cover a smaller service area while attaching small devices to a utility pole or street light in the public right-of-way.  The typical service area for a SWF is normally within 500 to 1,000 feet of the locations that would be served.

The Village, in its limited capacity allowed by State law, tries to limit the placement of SWF to existing utility poles and away from a person’s home and towards alleyways or side yards, to the greatest extent possible.

Examples of SWF in Lincolnwood are below

Small Wireless Facility Example 1
Small Wireless Example 2

If you have any questions about Small Wireless Facilities in Lincolnwood, please contact Charles Meyer, Assistant Village Manager, at