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The Lincolnwood Police Department

We are a mid-size Police Department serving the Village of Lincolnwood. The Department employs 33 sworn officers and seven civilian personnel, serving a population of 13,400 (2020). The Police Department embraces a Community Oriented Policing philosophy of service delivery, which requires officers to work together with citizens to identify community problems, determine the underlying causes, and develop solutions that address these causes in order to resolve the problem.

The Department has divided the Village of Lincolnwood into five patrol beats. Each patrol beat is assigned to a specific officer on each shift, who is responsible for maintaining protection and problem resolution on a continuing basis. 

Annual Report

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Lincolnwood Police Department is to provide effective, professional, non-bias police service to the community. We recognize that our authority is derived from community trust and that we must be responsive to its needs, and that we are always accountable for our actions. Believing in the dignity and worth of all people, we must protect the constitutional rights of all people and treat everyone equitably. We believe that the police and community share responsibility for law and order, and that our relationship with the community is a priority along with a high level of customer service. 

Squad Car in front of flags

Core Values

The Lincolnwood Police Department’s core values guide the operation of the Department and the conduct of its members. These are our fundamental beliefs from which our agency sets policy, delivers services and implements programs. Values set standards for our members in executing their public safety duties. These values guide our actions.

WE BELIEVE in the rule of law and in the principals embodied in the Constitution of the United States, and we recognize the authority of federal, state, and local laws. 

WE BELIEVE in the dignity, diversity, and worth of all people. 

WE BELIEVE in a disciplined, professional, and compassionate Department, and that public confidence will be maintained by effectively utilizing these principals. 

WE BELIEVE that all our actions will be guided by honesty and integrity. 

WE BELIEVE that we are accountable to the community at large, and to each other. 

WE BELIEVE that for our Department to be successful we must responsibly and effectively exercise our authority. 

WE BELIEVE in managing our resources in prudent and productive ways. 

WE BELIEVE that policing is a difficult yet honorable profession and that we must strive, every day, in every interaction and every situation, to give the best effort we possibly can, to believe in one another, and accept nothing less than the best.

Ten Shared Principles

On March 22, 2018, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police (ILACP) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) signed a historic agreement on 10 shared principles of policing. This is the first of its kind in the nation. The Lincolnwood Police Department recently joined over 200 other Illinois law enforcement agencies in signing a dedication committing to the 10 Shared Principles.ten shared principles

The 10 Shared Principles represent a vow between the two statewide associations "by mutual affirmation to work together and stand together in our communities and at the state level to implement these values and principles, and to replace mistrust with mutual trust wherever, whenever, and however we can."

One Mind Campaign

The Lincolnwood Police Department is participating in the One Mind Campaign, which promotes positive interactions between police officers and people affected by mental illness.

The campaign, launched by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, asks police departments to implement four practices:

  • establish a clearly defined and sustainable partnership with a community mental health organization
  • develop a model policy to implement on police response to people affected by mental illness
  • train officers and some staff members in Mental Health First Aid
  • provide Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training to at least 20 percent of its members

The Lincolnwood Police Department is proud to announce that over 90% of our officers are certified in crisis intervention with the goal to be at 100% certified as training timelines allow. 

Read more about the One Mind Campaign here

Safety Resources:

The Village of Lincolnwood operates full time Fire and Police Departments to provide public safety to the community. The Village provides various services to help residents with public safety. To learn more about the public safety programs available to residents, please explore the following links:

Administrative Adjudication

Crime Prevention

Public Education Programs

Parking Tickets

Automated Traffic Enforcement System

Crime Bulletin

Public Safety Incident Map 

Police Auction Information

Traffic Accident Analysis Map

Use of Force Policy

 (The policy attached includes the Department’s use of force report that is required when a use of force incident occurs.)

In addition to the information provided above, residents also have access to traffic count data provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation.  To view the State’s website for traffic count information, please click here.