Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of the Village's infrastructure , roadways, alleys, trees, water system, and more. Public Works also maintains the Village's parks and public buildings. All of the divisions work together on the Snow and Ice Control Program to ensure clean and safe roadways during the winter season. 

The Department's hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If you have an emergency to report outside of regular office hours such as a broken water main, blocked sewer, sewer backup, or limbs blocking the roadway/driveway please call 911.

The Department is organized into six divisions including:  

Administration Division

The Administration Division is a support division tasked with assisting and overseeing the operating divisions. Additionally, the Division is responsible for assembling the Department’s annual budgets and Capital Improvement Plan. 

Vehicle Maintenance Division

The Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible  for the maintenance and care of the municipal fleet, including Police, Public Works, Community Development, and Fire Department vehicles. In addition to maintaining the fleet of vehicles, the Division is also responsible for the care and maintenance of many pieces of equipment, from brush chippers to tractors. The Department also maintains the underground fuel system and ensures compliance with the State Fire Marshal. The Division also assists other departments with fabrication, welding, and emergency repairs. 

Streets & Utilities Division

The Streets and Utilities Division is responsible for maintenance of the Village roadway system, including snow plowing, and maintaining water and sewer utilities and all their associated components such as water valves, hydrants, sewer inlets and catch basins. 

Parks & Buildings Division

The Parks and Buildings Division is responsible for maintaining all 13 Village Parks and all six Village owned buildings. The Division is also responsible for preparing, maintaining, and winterizing the Aquatic Center each year. Additionally, the Division is relied heavily upon for the setup and take down of special events from the Memorial Day Parade to the Holiday Lighting Ceremony and everything in between. 

Forestry & Alleys Division

The Forestry and Alleys Division maintains all of the publicly owned trees from plantings, to trimmings, to removals. The Division also maintains all public alleys by cutting back overgrown brush and grading gravel alleyways. Additional duties include maintaining streetlights as they operate the necessary equipment to work at those heights and picking up dead animals. 

Water Division 

The Water System Operators are tasked with ensuring the Village meets all regulatory testing requirements for the Village's water distribution system.  The Operators routinely test for bacteria and lead in the water to ensure it remains safe to consume. The Operators also ensure the functionality of the various water pumps, standpipe, and meters found throughout the Village.

Lincolnwood Property Search

The Village of Lincolnwood offers Lincolnwood Property Search, a detailed property search where you can find information regarding your homes, as well as the services your home receives. The Portal also has information regarding the material of your water service line under the service line information tab. To begin searching, please visit the Lincolnwood property search website