Postal Complaints

postal complaintsThe Village has outlined multiple ways of filing postal complaints or concerns. The USPS is not managed by the Village; however, we have put together the following resources for residents.

Complaint Process

Residents should follow the following steps when they have a postal complaint or concern:

1. Submit complaint directly to USPS by calling (800) 275-8777.

2. If USPS does not address the issue, contact Alex Ponder from Congresswoman Schakowsky’s Office at with your name, address, phone number, and description of the issue. Additionally, you may also fill out a Privacy Act Release Form so Congresswoman Schakowsky's staff can make an inquiry to the USPS on your behalf.  Click here to receive help with a Federal agency.

3. To submit a mail theft report to the United States Postal General call, (877) 876-2455

Village Service Request

If you have a concern with your postal service you can also submit a complaint form on our service request page. Once on the service request page either type “postal” in the search bar directly next to the map or select “Postal Complaint” from the “General” tab on the service request page.